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Application Development

Starting from little gimmicks, applications became complex software systems and are currently promoted as the „next websites“ of new economy. Depending on the mobile device’s platform (iPhone, Android, Blackberry) application development is varies.

Efficiency thorugh modular design

Our App Development is based on a special modular design, with which individual components can be combined with each other. Out field-tested modules guarantee the final App’s accuracy. This is efficient and saves money and time. Our customers benefit from short development time, lower prices and higher quality.

iPhone Development

The all-time success of the iPhone is not least caused by its easy handling, the multi-functionality and its stylish design. Our applications combine those components and utilize the iphone’s technical potential to the fullest. All our solutions are also compatible with the iPod touch.

iPad Development

iPad Programmierung
The introduction of the iPad 2010 was a pioneering event in the technological market. Since then applications became more extensive concerning graphic interface and functions were created which allowed a decreasing application spectrum – not only in publishing business. However, Smart Mobile Factory developed competences in iPad development from the very beginning.

Android Development

Android is Google’s in-house system software installed on smartphones by Samsung, Motorola, HTC or T-mobile. With all the Hype about the iPhone, Android should be kept in mind.